Our Role

How does CYFN meet the needs of children and youth?

Teamwork! CYFN uses the wraparound process. The wraparound process helps families develop goals based on their individual strengths and needs. It helps families build a team of people that can help them achieve their goals by developing and implementing a plan.

Family Team Coordinators (FTCs) and the family will develop a team consisting of the child/youth, family members, friends, involved providers, county agencies, school personnel and community supports. The team will discover the strengths and needs of the child/youth and family and design individualized services to fit. A range of mental health services will be available in addition to more informal and flexible community supports, e.g., family support partners, mentors, after school activities, assistance with transportation, housing issues and much more.

The child, youth and family own the plan.

Each family team has a goal: to achieve as much independence as possible from system providers by creating their own community-based support team.