Wraparound is a family centered, strengths-based, needs-driven, and individualized service planning and implementation process. At its core is a set of essential principles that serves as the philosophical base. These principles demonstrate an unconditional commitment to create and provide highly individualized services and to support normalized and inclusive options for children and their families with complex needs.

CYFN Family Team Coordinators use Wraparound to develop goals for you and your family. You then identify a team of people that can help you achieve your goals by developing and implementing a plan. CYFN wraparound teams find new and creative ways to meet the unique needs of you and your family.

You will find that CYFN works with all parts of the system in a different way.

Wraparound is not a program or a type of service. It uses the strengths identified by you and your family to create supports to help you and your family achieve your vision and goals.

You and your family own the plan.