As an organization CYFN intends to invest resources in projects led by family and youth who are active members of the CYFN family teams. It is hoped that these 'co-created' projects will promote and nurture partnerships between families and professionals.

Co-Creation is a process where two or more different project teams with aligned visions and missions decide to coordinate their projects to create a new product, service or resource for the community that cannot be created without the coordinated efforts of both project teams.

As CYFN moves toward partnering with its youth and families to create a family-youth centered organization, CYFN staff and Board of Directors and CYFN family team members may find themselves working on separate but related projects. Co-creation charters recognize the work of both family/youth led and CYFN-organizational led project teams so that both types of teams clearly understand what each team plans to accomplish, how each team will coordinate their efforts to support each other's work and how the vision and mission of each team align and complement each other to achieve the overall mission for CYFN as an organization.