Voices & Choices
Our Family Resource Newsletter for Community Outreach

What is Voices & Choices ?

Voices & Choices is put together for you, our families, and we want you to feel free to contribute to it. Do you want to share an exciting family milestone? How about a poem, or a special picture you took, or maybe something funny or thought-provoking your child said? Please feel free to send it to us and we'll be happy to include it in the next outgoing issue, which will be sent to you quarterly (in January, April, July and October). Pictures will be returned. For the months when we won’t be sending out a newsletter, we’ll send a Calendar of Events so that you’ll be informed of meetings, seminars, and conferences for informational and advocacy purposes.

We hope you’ll enjoy your newsletter!

Issues available for download
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  1.           Voices & Choices--Vol 2,Issue 4--Q4 '03
    Voices & Choices--Vol 2,Issue 4--Q4 '03
  2.           Voices & Choices--Vol 2,Issue 3--Q3 '03
    Voices & Choices--Vol 2,Issue 3--Q3 '03
  3.           Voices & Choices--Vol 2,Issue 1--Q1 '03
    Voices & Choices--Vol 2,Issue 1--Q1 '03
  4.           Voices & Choices--Vol 1,Issue 2--Nov 02
    Voices & Choices--Vol 1,Issue 2--Nov 02
  5.           Voices & Choices--Vol 1,Issue 1--Oct 02
    Voices & Choices--Vol 1,Issue 1--Oct 02