Application and Recruitment Procedures for Joining the CYFN Network

Mental Health agencies and practitioners in private practice may self-nominate themselves when applying to our network. This process begins by completing and returning our Preliminary Application to our office. Because CYFN does not contract services from Providers unless there is a need in the families we serve, we typically do not initiate the contracting process immediately. Instead, upon receipt of an application, a Provider Profile is developed based on the information submitted, which is then added to our in-house Community Provider Resource Directory.

At the same time, Provider Relations reviews the profile to determine if the services and other capabilities provided by the applicant fill some void in our network. We also inform our Senior Family Team Coordinators of the type of services being offered and let them determine if, from their perspective, these services address a need in the community. If a need is found, we will then contact the applicant and initiate the contracting process.



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