Contracting Process and Credentialing Requirements

Once the contracting process begins, the provider must complete and submit the CYFN CareManager Registration forms along with a User Access/Confidentiality Statement. Depending if the provider has been credentialed through the County or not, they will need to meet the minimum qualifications set forth by CYFN. All providers will be required to submit the appropriate documentation with their application depending upon their level of education and type of services provided. These documents will be source verified.

In addition to the desk review of information submitted by the provider and verification checks, the credentialing process also entails a site-review conducted by a CYFN staff member for those providers who maintain physical office locations. This will be a visual inspection and verification of such items as the proper maintenance and disposal of confidential documents, facility accessibility to physically handicapped individuals, as well as service procedures that ensure the safety of the family. All providers acquiring credentialed status by passing a desk and site review will be re-credentialed every two years from the date forward.